Brow Lift

Dr Anthony Maloof performs Brow lift surgery in various Sydney locations. Browplasty refers to brow and forehead surgery to rejuvenate the upper face. Surgical techniques include minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift, pretracheal brow lifts, combined pretracheal and endoscopic brow lift, as well as coronal lift. Your age, weight, skin and presenting conditions, which can be assessed at consultation, will determine surgical technique.

Image showing an endoscopic keyhole brow lift before and after, performed in Sydney by Dr Anthony Maloof. You can notice the more youthful appearance in the after photo.

The before and after image above shows the benefits after Brow Lift Surgery in Sydney. This patient underwent a Keyhole or endoscopic brow lift and as a result has minimal to no scarring. The after photo shows a defined upper eyelid as well as eyes that appear open. This refined look is appealing to the eyes as it portrays a fresher more youthful appearance. Surgery is performed only at licenced hospitals utilising fully accredited anaesthetists. Brow lift is done as a day procedure and you will require a support person to escort you home after surgery. Scarring is kept to a minimum when this type of brow lift is performed.

As with all surgery there are risks. Dr Anthony Maloof will discuss the risks of surgery with you at your consultation. Make sure you do your research prior to consultation. Bring a list of questions written down so that nothing is forgotten. It always helps to bring a support person with you to consultation as sometimes the process can be over whelming trying to remember everything. A support person can help remember. If you think this is for you, call the clinic on 1300 393 322 to book an appointment.