Droopy Eyelids

Eyelids are separate to but often confused with the brow so that many female patients confuse an eyelid lift, with a brow lift. Droopy eyelids occur when excess eyelid skin appears as folds under the brow, obscuring the lashes making it difficult apply eyeliner and interferes with vision.

Try this: look in the mirror and raise your eyebrows with your thumb – note how the eyes suddenly appear open. Now go and have a look at your old photos and remind yourself how open your eyes used to be. A similar look occurs with combined rejuvenation of the brow and eyelid.

Hooding of the eyelid skin is not the only cause of a droopy eyelid – sometimes the very slender muscle that lifts the eyelid is detached or the muscle is weak, causing the lid to droop. Reasons include nerve damage, brain injury, stroke, eye rubbing or contact lens use. When it happens at birth it is called congenital, but it most commonly occurs with age. Blepharoptosis surgery, aka ptosis surgery, refers t the repair of this detached muscle.

With the eyelids blinking up to 18,000 a day, corrective surgery must maintain eyelid function. At Eyes and Faces, we specialise in surgery that is aesthetically pleasing to rejuvenate the upper face without compromising function. Regardless of the appearance, it is essential to correct sagging eyelids or brow when vision is adversely affected.