Being trained in biomedical engineering allows Dr Maloof to be an early adopter not just of technology but also a developer of enhanced surgical skills. Dr Maloof brought layered corneal transplantation to Australia in 2000, and the first person to perform the various techniques including DALK, MDALK, DSEK and DMEK in Australia. Dr Maloof adopted endoscopic watery eye surgery in 1998, and described and published endoscopic stereotactic surgery of the orbit in 2006. Dr Maloof is one of the few surgeons routinely performing PERFECT technique for pterygium surgery. Dr Maloof incorporates cosmetic surgical approaches to all Oculoplastic surgery, maximising the aesthetic outcome for any facial repair. Dr Maloof also hold multiple patents for surgical devices.

We incorporate technology ONLY when it provides a tangible benefit to the patient. Such technology includes endoscopic access to the tear drain and orbit, stereotactic (3 dimensional computer imaging) assistance to orbital surgery, radiofrequency and electrocautery surgery, serum therapy, dermabrasion, and light based treatments such as PDT and IPL. We also use technology that aids diagnosis including advanced ultrasound imaging, and high order aberration mapping of the optics of the eye.

If it is available and is useful for your Cornea and Oculoplastic condition, we will have it.

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