Why Dr Anthony Maloof?

Dr Anthony Maloof is a highly skilled specialist Cornea and Oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Maloof has a unique and refreshing surgical philosophy delivered through good old fashion personal relationships with patients and referrers. With surgical skills honed over 20 years, Dr Maloof manages the most complex surgical problems, which he explains using easy to understand, no nonsense language. Instead of perpetuating a referral ‘merry-go-round’.  Dr Maloof will set specific individual goals to achieve the desired outcome, which means the right type of surgery to the right type of patient at the right time for the right reasons. If surgery is not appropriate, then Dr Maloof will tell you why and give you alternatives. 

“Treating complex problems with easy to understand solutions”

Booking an appointment 

To claim reimbursement for Medicare or medical insurance, a referral from your family GP or Optometrist, or anyone else dealing with specialty care such as a Dermatologist, Endocrinologist or Ophthalmologist, is required. Referrals from your family GP or Optometrist expire after 12 months whilst specialist referrals expire after 3 months.

For any Cornea or Oculoplastic problem, upload your referral here. We will communicate your booking to you by email and SMS. Fill in your patient information through our online patient information portal from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. 

Urgent Appointments

Dr Anthony Maloof will see patients urgently as the need arises. We request referrers or patients to ring and speak with a staff member when seeking an urgent referral. 

Fee’s and waiting times

Dr Maloof consults in the City and at Westmead. Initial consultation fee is $230, with additional fees on the day should in-office procedures or tests be required. Most of these have reimbursements from Medicare. We recommend allowing 2 hours for this initial visit and we make every effort to minimise waiting. We will SMS you before your appointment if we anticipate a waiting of more than 30 minutes.  

Hospitals/Day Surgery facilities

Dr Maloof operates privately at:

Costs of surgery

These vary depending on type, difficulty, duration and reimbursement by medical insurance and Medicare. Before proceeding to surgery, you will be provided with fees in writing, so there will be no surprise. The practice does not routinely direct bill surgery to insurers, and an out of pocket expense will be incurred. 

We do recognise that medical costs have increased, and that patients genuinely try to mitigate that costs by using medical insurance plan. So, we have a unique approach to keep patient costs down. This includes the following: 

  1. Post op care: we extend the post-operative no fee period from 3 weeks to 6 weeks.
  2. Surgery Warranty: if we must perform a subsequent procedure on a patient, for whatever reason, there are no out of pocket surgeon expenses. 
  3. Loyalty bonus: if after 2 full paying procedures with Dr Maloof, the patient requires an additional procedure, there are no out of pocket surgeon expenses.
  4. In patient care: any non-surgical hospital admission as a private patient under Dr Maloof will not incur a consultation expense whilst in hospital.

Cancellation policy

The practice requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of any appointment, or the full fee will be applied. In select cases, payment will be required before providing an appointment. If you ever have any questions, our friendly staff are here to help. For queries, call us on 1300 393 322 or email us at reception@copsnsw.com.au